Basic Kit...breastfeeding or bottlefeeding for working mother

This tips I copy from newspaper the Star pageP16 -Parenting dated 11-08-2010

If you're working,  or choose to do a combination of breast- and bottle feeding here are the basic equipment you'll need
  • A quality breastpump. It can be manual or electric, as long as it's from reputable company.The important thing is to make sure the pump is BPA-free
  • BPA-free milk storage bottles or bags
  • A striliser
  • A good quality liquid cleanser for washing your equipment and bottles. Choose that gentle and has natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Go for paraben-free cleansers if you can.
  • BPA milk bottles
  • A good nipple cream to protect agains cracks and soreness
  • Breast pads, because you are going to be leaking milk almost all the time
  • A good nursing bra. Your breasts will be sore and tender for the first few month. so choose somthing in soft cotton. Don't bother with padded ones unltill at least on year down road, if you're still breastfeeding..


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