Daily Vitamins

1. Calcium 2. Obimin 3. Neurogain
mmm...a bit lazy today...since my condition not very well to write an article...but trying to write juga.... I got something that I would like to share with everybody. mm...start this week and onwards..i dah kene makan vitamins.its normal lah rite for preggy women..1.Calcium-(important) 2. Obimin (important) 3. Neurogain (optional but highly recomended)

Did you know why I said the neurogain is highly recomended?..probably you can refer this site http://www.mederis.com.my/NeuroGainPB_Vegi.html for more details. This supplement is available for the range groups from early pregnancy, breastfeeding untill your baby besar..

I was started to eat this supplement (neurogain) from my first pregnancy...and now I can see the difference how my baby can learn faster from normal baby...it is proven by the nursery yg jaga dia...they said my son is a fast learner and active boy...compared with the other kids within his age groups. I only ate this supplement sampai bersalin je..pastu dah tak nak makan sebab macam loya...he..he..forget about it..and think its benefit..that will better..rite?

And for non-breastfeeding mom...called galactis (i cannot copy the image since its protected by the site) so I would  give you the site link as further detail http://www.mederis.com.my/galactis.html

Happy exploring and enjoying your breastfeeding moments....

-mommylicious a.k.a ibuRafiq-


My Precious Pe'Pe' said... [Reply to Comments]

Saya pun makan Neurogain ni masa pregnant. now my baby is 4months old. Tgk dari gaya dia, she's absolutely a fast learner.Harap2 dia jadi anak yang pandai berkat dari pemakanan supplement yg betul plus exclusive breastfeeding..insyallah;)
I would highly recommend this supplement to mothers to-be out there..hihi

Mommylicious a.k.a ibuRafiq said... [Reply to Comments]

Oh good to hear...i pun will recommend bakal-bakal ibu supaya makan neurogain nie..but kebnayakkan bakal2 ibu2..tak banyak yg notice bende nie...actually ia sgt bagus...thanks for your sharing ya...

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