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Firstly, thank you for visiting this blog, actually the purpose I setting up this blog is to invite anybody especially womens, mommies, mommies wannabe or ladys which interested to share/gain their knowledge and experienced in  using breastpump.Which brand you choose?electric or manual?Does a higher price mean a better pump?

My1st experience in using breastpump is medela manual -hi..hi..baru sgt so tak brp nak pandai pilih penat giler mengepam..penat2-penat pun I manage to make my own stock about 34 botol 4oz each...then when start working baru i gune medela mini electric (thanks to ida semurni because hadiahkan bp tu , really2 appreciate it) . It was very convenience, easy to use and easy to carry anywhere..but setelah that pump  berjasa selama 9 months, I  bought  a new pump spectra 3 to replace the medela mini electric and hoping the milk supply could be better than before.

So sad the milk supplying was not consistent and my breast felt sakit and sometime luka. Maybe it because of different model makes different pressure of sucking. So I stop using spectra  3 and  go back using medela.Mybe some women didn't have that kind of problem. After a year using medela so I am planning to buy a new one for the 2nd baby InsyaAllah. Since i felt uncomfortable to use it. And  alhamdullilah now  I am,  so excited to own a new breastpump which is medela free style worth RM 2229 (retail price) and willing to invest from now and  do a collection sedikit demi sedikit..

So now. price is the major factor during the selection process. Many working mother will prefer the perfect breastpump specification to ensure they are able to supply their milk to the baby continuously in a very efficient way and worth for the money. As recommendation,electric pump will benefit more   rather than  manual breast pump.But there are a lot of things to be consider before you buy your dream breastpump especially when the new baby is arriving and of course the have already consumed a lot of expenses.



mama fahmi said... [Reply to Comments]

salam perkenalan, berkenaan topik yang ibu rafiq ajukan tu, saya amat suka nak katakan saya memang suka guna FS bp. memang berbaloi, tak sakit, boleh bwk pi mana. kalo using handsfree blh bt keja lain even memasak, log in tenet hehe. bt masa ni, hasil tenusu memang lumayan alhamdulillah. sudi2 kan lawat lamanku yg tak seberapa:

Ibu Rafiq said... [Reply to Comments]

salam perkenalan juga utk mama fahmi...seronok dengar komen dari mama fahmi..insyaAllah sy akan melawat blog u...bgaimana pula cara pegendalian bp FS?..maksudnye susah ke nak basuh...nak pasang?

mama fahmi said... [Reply to Comments]

tak susah nak cuci senang je,saya dulu beli ngn ajasu aka naza. dia guna nama ajasu kat bkn nak promote, sy tak dapat apapun cuma service dia memang bgs dpt free gift lg. and kalo pump kita rosak dia blh tlg baiki kan and the same time dia akan anto pam lain utk kita guna. nak main kutu pun ada gak.

Mommylicious a.k.a ibuRafiq said... [Reply to Comments]

owh ye ker...terima kasih ye mamafahmi nanti sy cube cari...

Azlina Alin said... [Reply to Comments]

salam ibu Rafiq..just wanna share that Pump medela memang superb. Saya dah pakai 3 jenis pump medela. Masa mula2, thn 2005, pakai harmony, then 2007, pakai PISA till now, guna kat anak no 3. Masa tu FS belum ada, but PISA pun oklah. performance mmg best lagi..mmg worth it la to spend..Beli kat ajasu mmg ok. Saya pernah beli sparepart medela la ngan dia. yg penting, after sales service. if beli murah sikit pun tapi lepas tu takde contact nak servis breastpump kita, susah juga if jdi apa2 later..

Azlina Alin said... [Reply to Comments]
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Azlina Alin said... [Reply to Comments]

ohya, ter'miss' pulak, for outstation, if ada kursus ke saya pakai medela swing..mmg jimat bateri , kalau pakai bateri pun lama tahan..

Mommylicious a.k.a ibuRafiq said... [Reply to Comments]

Salam Azlina...

Thanks for your sharing...memandangkan semua org kate FS saya dah start kumpul duit nak beli excited sgt nak susu kan baby...sanggup nak invest yg d best for my future baby..1st baby...dapat setahun jer...mmmg rase mcm tak puas hati..terima kasih banyak2 yer...

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