Jom chat pasal breastpump

Hi all..actually i am looking for a new breastpump for my second now quite interested with medela freestyle..but is it working very good?..or just a matter of satisfied your need...or because it is the latest model from medela?...really need anybody or everybody comments and advise.....



Nic said... [Reply to Comments]

hi there mommylicious!

so have you bought your freestyle?

i'm a pumping mum myself and i have owned many breastpumps. the current ones that i have are ameda lactaline, mamivac lactive and of course, medela freestyle.

you'll be surprised to know that i love all three equally. Price and name are not the deciding factor :-) They are all strong n their own ways. Feel free to email me anytime to ask.

good luck to you!

Mommylicious a.k.a ibuRafiq said... [Reply to Comments]

Hi Nic..thank you2 for ur advice..appreaciate it alots

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